David Lortal

Detail driven, self-motivated Product Manager and Project Manager with 9 years’ experience in software development. Experienced in Agile and Waterfall methodologies, Scrum and Kanban frameworks. Organized and methodological, with a continual drive to improve processes. Comfortable working in fast-paced environments while specializing in translating business and customer requirements into successful products. I am genuinely excited about the opportunity to brighten someone’s day by solving a problem.


Professional Skills

Remote Project Mangement

Comfortable managing complex software development projects working with all-remote teams in different time zones. Managing daily operations of projects, tracking progress, assigning and prioritising tasks to meet milestones and release dates.

Remote Product Management

Collaborating with engineering, management and stakeholders to research and identify high-value market opportunities. Prioritising product strategy and vision into deliverable features and road-maps.


Deep knowledge of Agile and software development life-cycle. Preparing agendas and leading spring planning, scrum and retrospective meetings for teams located in different time zones, while handling all follow up action points.

Product Owner

Manages product backlogs and collaborates with all stockholders to transform product strategy into clear and detailed user stories, tasks and bugs for engineers.


Photography, Hiking, Learning Spanish, Travelling, Bouldering, Cooking, Conservation, Cinema and Video Games. You can find out more about my travelling, photography and hiking at Thirty Something Traveller.